[WTS] Echo 1 Red Star Covert Package [$120 shipped/$100 F2F]

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[WTS] Echo 1 Red Star Covert Package [$120 shipped/$100 F2F]

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My closet's starting to feel cramped, so I gotta free up some room. This was my workhorse rifle for two years, and now it's time for it to fill primary/backup/loaner/PMC memegun duty for someone else.

No complaints performance-wise. Shoots around 370 FPS on .20s. I'm not confident enough to estimate the effective range; but whatever it is, it's plenty for field play. The rifle has been wired to Deans and features an aftermarket RIS (the original, lighter railed foregrip is also included).

Externally, things aren't as great. I'm the third owner, and it shows. The previous owner wrapped electrical tape around the stock and pistol grip (if you prefer a tapeless surface, I'd be happy to remove it before shipping). The rear sight spring is weak, and needs to be shimmed with e-tape to keep the sight from slapping against the receiver when running. What e-tape won't fix is the sight height adjustment button, which was broken when I received it. If absolutely necessary, the sight elevation can be adjusted by shoving a screwdriver in there and moving the slider as normal. Finally, the stock has a slight amount of vertical slop in the extended position and the rear sling ring snapped off and has been replaced with paracord.

  • Glorified CM050A

  • Krebs-style lower RIS (mounted)

  • 8.4v 1600 mAH *and* 9.6v 1600 mAH batteries, both Deans-wired

  • Two long metal hicaps

  • Two short metal hicaps, because the short mag meme isn't limited to ARs

  • Free souvenir mud from scenic D14 in Sanger, TX

$120 shipped, $100 F2F (McKinney/Plano area)


"But Crabguy, I could get the base CYMA model new from 'X' store for $140!"

You're absolutely correct, imaginary prospective purchaser! But I think that even with the external wear, the aftermarket rail, batteries, and magazines make this package a good value at the price. Everything needed to field the rifle is included except for a charger and face/eyepro.